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Our Work: Quality Improvement & Evaluation

What We Do

Our evaluation team helps to ensure that all processes are tracked and evaluated empirically, that quality improvement targets are established with plans for measurement and continuous improvement, that quantitative and qualitative data creates a feedback loop to determine successes, understand needs, and advance equity-driven care. Evaluation processes are developed with sustainability in mind and patient/community voice informs the picture of what success looks like.

Example services include support with needs or readiness assessments to support the uptake of dyadic care, guidance for EMR infrastructure development to ensure seamless integration with clinical workflows, and support with establishing quality improvement metrics and target care delivery and patient outcomes.

Why We Do It

Integrating dyadic, family-based behavioral health promotion and prevention approaches to pediatric clinical care is innovative and requires transformation of practice. Thus, a data-driven, quality improvement process should be utilized to measure progress and ensure success. The status and goals of each organization’s implementation inform quality improvement and evaluation of technical assistance needs. Whether an organization decides to implement components of dyadic care or a complete evidence-based model, we support you to take a data-driven approach to measure process and outcomes targets, including service utilization, child development and wellbeing, family health, patient and provider experience, and cost-effectiveness/sustainability.